Confirmo and Risk Management

One of the top priorities for implementing a company or organisation’s risk management plan is making sure that all users, from internal operators to external customers, receive the minimum set of information required in order to ┬átake advantage of a service, subscribe to a product or meet a safety requirement.

In the case of large enterprises there is often a risk that the final user may not have received all the information or, in the worst cases, that the information provided may not be correct: this in turn can lead to complaints, disputes or even lawsuits.

With Confirmo, organisations can guarantee a standard level of quality for the informative materials provided to the client along with the forms that require signature.

Confirmo allows you to anticipate critical points and take action promptly to minimize risks.

The Confirmo app puts the user in the driving seat, with advantages for the organisation and the operator.

On the one hand, users are covered by the very quality of the information provided, which they can ponder over and properly digest in their own time.

On the other, organisations can reduce the probability of things going wrong by standardising information. This results in improved client-consultant relationships that are solidified by the creation of legally binding documented proof that the information has been correctly provided and properly understood.

Finally, when approaching clients who are engaged and knowledgeable about the course of action, consultants can rest assured that their job is half done.

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