In a world that is becoming increasingly complex, one the crucial factors for very large business is making sure that sales force and resources are focused on core business operations. Confirmo is a key player in overcoming the challenges posed by the digitalisation of document workflows and the evolution of customer service.

Businesses can delegate the task of presenting basic information to Confirmo’s intelligent user interface, which can be accessed remotely on any digital device, so that the majority of front office and call centre activities can be dedicated to supporting the user on more detailed and personalised information.

Confirmo, available on any digital device, from smartphones to interactive kiosks, generates processes that entirely traceable, user-friendly and legally valid.

Confirm’s API has the mediating role of allowing communication between all software and management systems, providing the company with a holistic view of business process management.

Confirmo does away with the inconvenience of those paper-based processes which, from printing to archiving and even disposing of documents, can cost as much as 3% of a company’s revenue.

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