Confirmo for the Financial Sector

In recent years, the new Eu regulatory framework set forth a number of procedures aimed at increasing Financial Consumer Protection.

The regulation states that each user must be duly informed of the Terms and Conditions pertaining to any document before its signature.
But there’s more: before a contract can be signed, it is necessary to verify that the customer has correctly understood the provided information.

This is equally the case for traditional banking institutions offering physical locations or online banks whose services can only be accessed on digital devices such as computer or smartphone.

As a solution for these challenges, Confirmo is the ultimate tool for managing financial disclosure and gaining legally valid customer consent.

Confirmo’s simple and intuitive user interface coupled with the savvy use of multimodal resources provides customers with the same kind of high-quality information services regardless of bank type: whether at their local branch office or through their smartphone, users can equally enjoy the benefits of a well-presented informative prospectus.

Implementing these information standard principles ensures customer satisfaction while protecting the organisation even in those complex scenarios where customers may sign up with a bank through a network of agents or subagents deployed in the territory.

One of Confirmo’s key features is the ability to test understanding via the assessment engine: after reading the informative prospectus, customers are presented with a set of questions designed to verify that the information provided has been understood correctly.

Along with the issue of a certificate as documented proof that the information provided has been correctly understood, Confirmo also generates a set of data that provide opportunities for the organisation to gain useful feedback on the quality of its communication methods.

Confirmo not only guides the customer and the operator in the process leading up to the sale of financial products, it also provides a paperless solution for customer notification of any upcoming unilateral contract changes or mandatory specifications, thus saving significant amounts of time and money on paper-based correspondence.

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