Confirmo for the Health Sector

Confirmo streamlines the process of obtaining informed consent by providing a simpler, faster and more efficient way to inform the patient about any proposed medical procedure.

In the medical field, innumerable problems may arise due to a patient’s failure to fully understand the information provided by the physician, such as how to plan for recovery after surgery or preparing for a diagnostic test. These misunderstandings in Patient-Physician communication not only endanger the patient’s health but often lead to medico-legal cases that can have a huge economic impact on healthcare systems.

Confirmo digitalises the educational process to ensure that a high standard of communication is provided to all patients. Confirmo saves the physician valuable time (normally spent on repeating the general concepts regarding a medical procedure) which can be dedicated to actual treatment and more effective interpersonal communication that caters to patient-specific needs.

Confirmo handles the process of verifying the user has correctly understood the information provided: at the end of each informative presentation users will in fact have to pass a multiple-choice test created by Confirmo’s assessment engine. This in turn will produce documented evidence that the information has been successfully assimilated.

Confirmo can be accessed on the healthcare provider’s computers or tablets, or remotely by connecting to the Internet. Patients can view all the information relative to the medical procedure and sign the legally binding documents from the comfort of their homes. Confirmo provides a valuable service for reduced mobility users while maintaining the highest levels of security and regulatory compliance.

The numbers prove Confirmo: out of 40.000 documents generated for the medical sector so far, complaints and disputes amount to 0%.

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