Confirmo for the Insurance Sector

Confirmo simplifies the insurance experience by making coverage clearer and more secure.

Thanks to the Confirmo app, Insurance Providers are able to guarantee higher quality of communication to their customers and therefore to fill in Risk Assessment forms with far more credible and transparent data.

Proper information helps customers make a decision that is right for them: thanks to Confirmo’s interface, remotely accessible on any digital device, users are given plenty of time to digest all the information provided, then, by successfully answering a series of questions generated by the assessment engine, they are able to obtain a certificate as proof that they have fully understood the product’s terms and conditions.

Confirmo also guarantees greater transparency for Insurance Companies by automating the risk assessment procedure.

Rather than entrusting this process, necessary in order to determine a customer’s risk profile or select the right insurance product, to error-prone paper based systems, clients are able to provide information that is better suited to lending the risk profile greater credibility by answering a set of questions on Confirmo’s conversational platform (interactive information management).

Freed from this task the insurance agent can finally do less and do better for the customer, while also reducing the risk of disputes.

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