Confirmo for the Pharmaceutical Sector

Informed consent is one of the founding principles of pharmaceutical research.

Subjects undergoing often very sizeable clinical trials must be provided with clearly written and high-quality information materials that communicate effectively all the details of the procedure.

These often innovative materials must provide a detailed estimation of all foreseeable and unforeseeable risks. The test subjects are then given a long list of responsibilities and requirements that they are expected to meet for the duration of the trial to ensure that the data collected is reliable and valid.

Patient engagement throughout the study is another crucial aspect of pharmaceutical research: patient dropouts, that is, their withdrawal from the study, entail a loss of information that undermines the value of the clinical trial.

Confirmo allows you to digitalise the process of informing and obtaining informed consent while saving time and achieving considerable cost savings, making it easier to manage for the operator and the patient.

Confirmo relieves stress from the patient who, often in a state of precarious health and disadvantaged by reduced mobility, can access the app remotely on their digital devices.

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