Confirmo improves your Sales Performance

Confirmo modernizes, boosts and streamlines your sales process.

Confirmo is the perfect choice for creating your sales proposal or preparing a quote for your services, providing quality guarantee for your customers without all the paper hassle  and eliminating the risk of disputes.

The Confirmo app allows you to go paperless and make your documents easier to read: the remotely accessible, simple and multimodal interactive interface streamlines the sales process for both the sales rep and the customer, who can easily affix a legally binding signature on the surface of the digital device.

Confirmo’s interactive information management module allows you to personalise contract terms in real-time based on customer data or according to the specific services required.

The digitalisation of this process provides all customers with the same kind of high-quality information services. In freeing the sales rep from having to mechanically repeat the same old information, Confirmo saves valuable time, normally spent on traveling to and from the office, so that the focus can be shifted towards relationship building and improving the quality of the sale.

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