The Confirmo app: a digital solution for all legally-binding agreements


Confirmo allows you to digitalise the entire process of sending and collecting documents securely.

Confirmo is a powerful ally for a wide range enterprises: from healthcare professionals to insurance companies, from sales processes to personnel training, our app will help you save time and money while maximising document management efficiency thanks to an exceptionally intuitive interface which can be easily accessed from any location with any device, from smartphones to PC, even by non-technical users.

Confirmo’s interactive learning courses inform, engage and empower the user. The built-in assessment engine certifies users have met the test requirements and truly assimilated the content of the lessons. Confirmo generates the documentation, handles the process of legal validation and archives data effectively so that they can be easily recalled upon request.


Confirmo’s Modules

Virtual Printer

Virtual Printer digitalises and collects the Information Pack via digital signature and PDF archiving

Confirmo’s Virtual Printer module provides organisations with an infinite selection of document templates that can be defined and filled dynamically with data from various pre-existing company records management systems.
Confirmo’s Smart Printer also makes it possible to manage numerous tablet devices as if they were traditional printers. Legally binding documents can be signed via tablet by affixing a Graphometric Signature that ensures the document flow process is certified and secure.

Interactive document management

Use IDM as an interactive tool for gathering relevant customer information

Confirmo Interactive Document Management improves the physician-patient relationship as both parties are able to communicate throughout the interactive learning programme. This tool permits you to obtain information from the user by having them fill in text fields or answer specific questions for the duration of the training programme. The answers provided will then be included in a dynamic single document to be signed by the customer.


Your documents are always safe

Cloud-based digital archiving guarantees maximum data protection for all signed documents that can be accessed in just a few clicks, anytime, anywhere, whenever necessary.

Confirmo API

Let confirm talk to your internal systems.

Confirmo APIĀ  is the software module for the integration of company information systems such as clinical files, CRM or RIS/PACS.
This module allows users to interact with Confirmo’s bi-directional interface through REST webservices that are fully documented and accessible as soon as the system is activated.

Confirmo WEB

Power to the user: information packs anytime, anywhere

This means that users can access the information pack through a Web Portal from the comfort of their homes for the duration of the proposed contract. But there’s more. Confirmo allows you to interact with users via Web to submit questionnaires and data collection forms.

Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant at your service

Confirmo can also integrate an automated virtual assistant powered by AI technology that will help users receive any further explanation they may need in the blink of an eye.

How does Confirmo work?

One product, many signatures

The terms Electronic Signature and Digital Signature can get easily mixed up. The difference between the two are, in fact, substantial: there are many variations on the same theme, each one distinguished by procedure and legal validity.

We can divide electronic signatures in three macro-typologies:

These simple signatures, collected via signing pad devices on palmtops or tablets, only encode the linear characteristics of someone’s handwriting on the surface of the device.

A reliable option for home delivery services as well as company management systems, these signatures, contrary to popular belief, have no legal value as such. In the event of a dispute, in fact, the burden of proving the signature’s authenticity lies not with the signatory but the signature collector. However “simple”, this type of signatures can still be a useful option in a number of cases.

This type of signature not only encodes the linear aspect of someone’s handwriting but other data that is tougher to forge and therefore provides increased levels of security in terms of the authenticity of a signature. The graphometric signature is an example of this type of signature: in this case, the signing pad device records additional handwriting characteristics such as pressure, speed and inclination that link the identity of a signer by comparing the features of the signature to previous samples of the same. Other examples include Fingerprinting, Facial or Iris recognition software. Advance electronic signatures are legally-binding.

A Qualified Electronic Signature is an Electronic Signature based on a Qualified Certificate.

This means that once the identity of a person or legal entity is ascertained, the signatory is linked and uniquely identified to the signature by the creation of a digital certificate. The signature therefore acquires a digital certificate that links all documents signed by a specific user to their specific signature. By providing the highest levels of security, the Qualified Electronic Signature turns the tables on the burden of proof which no longer lies on the collector of the signature but the signatory.

What is Confirmo’s eSignature solution?

Confirmo’s app environment is highly adaptable according to the client’s needs: not only does Confirmo provide the best choice for each electronic signature and document management need, it also easily integrates with your company’s internal systems thanks to API technology.


Not just a digital signature

Confirmo is much more than your typical eSignature software

Our signature services – whatever type of signatures they may be – are but a small cog in a much bigger management documentation machinery. The focus of Confirmo is precisely the entirety of the document management process, from the very first data entry to the final archiving stage.

Key Features of Confirmo

User Empowerment

Inform your customers with exceptionally intuitive and interactive Multimedia materials

Testing Understanding

Evaluate comprehension with Confirmo’s Assessment Engine

Data collection

Create variable data documents by a conversational process

Signature service

Simplify your workflow with our secure Electronic Signature service

Data feed

Feed collected data to your information systems


Safely store your document

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